Holistic Skin Care

Pure Fresh Skin

Our introductional offer:
in under one hour we will pamper you with our signature massage techniques such as Gua Sha and facial cupping

In combination with an organic, gentle enzyme peeling from pineapple and clay, your skin barrier will be strengthened and the natural cell renewal will be stimulated.

Our gentle facial massage in the direction of the lymph nodes improves your blood circulation and strengthens your muscles.

Water retention and the slight swelling associated with it are reduced, leaving your face noticeably fresher and more relaxed.

50 min 79 €

Essential Deep Cleansing

Our comprehensive and holistic Skin Care Therapy literally lets your skin breathe again.

Combined with our anti-stress facial lymphatic drainage, the organic, moisturising natural essences and pure plant oils give you that coveted glow.

Your treatment is individually customised to you and the special needs of your skin. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, when you place yourself in the capable hands of our Derma Spa Expert
you will feel and see the difference. The result is a clear and well-groomed skin.

If you wish, you can also have your eyebrows faconed and shaped.

Um die Frische und Reinheit Ihrer Haut zu erhalten empfiehlt unsere Derma Expertin dieses Skincare Treatment alle 5 Wochen.

70 min 85 €

Signature Anti-Aging

Our skin makes our lives visible, protects us and makes us feel – yet it is also exposed to the external influences of our lives and the natural ageing process.

In this signature treatment, highlighting your individual beauty has the highest priority.

Using high-tech natural cosmetics, our derma spa expert will significantly improve the appearance of your skin. Fine wrinkles disappear using traditonal Asian facial massage techniques such as Gua Sha or Facial Cupping. The skin tools used are tailored to your skin type and bring true relaxation and luxury to this skin care ritual. During this beauty treatment we also establish the perfect shape of your eyebrows. Enjoy your time out and the attention your skin deserves.

To maintain your natural beauty and a younger look of your skin, we recommend this treatment every 2 months.

90 min 105 €

Amazing Mommy-to-be

Our natural, absolutely non-invasive way to fine and clear skin in this new, exciting phase of life.

All products and techniques used are absolutely safe during pregnancy. Our manual lymphatic drainage optimally stimulates your lymph flow, relaxes your facial muscles and effectively helps to minimise facial swelling.

The increased blood supply also increases the oxygen content of the skin, which in turn can have positive effects in terms of reducing pregnancy acne. Our exclusive facial massage with Gua Sha stones results in calm and serenity.

Your skin is optimally supplied with moisture and nutrients by our rich Aloe Vera serums and essences.

If you like, we can also facon your eyebrows to achieve the famous “baby glow”.

70 min 85 €

Hydrojelly® Mask

Hydrojelly Mask* 19 €

Deluxe Enzyme peeling / Hydrojelly mask / Gua Sha head massage

45 min 59 €

Eyebrow service

Standard Colour* 10 €

Deluxe Shape / Lifting / Colour

50 min 59 €

Eyelash service

Standard Colour* 10 €

Deluxe Lifting / Colour

60 min 69 €

* only in combination with our Shofah Holistic Skincare Treatments